Jan 30
Now up on bioRxiv, Wen Xiao’s paper presents an improved method for FISH probe production that yields high purity probes with a wide range of fluorophores using standard laboratory equipment at low cost.

Dec 06
Congratulations to Dr. Xinyuan Chen on an amazing thesis defense! We are so happy for you!
Nov 30
Now up on bioRxiv, Xinyuan Chen’s paper describes new mechanisms by which Myc can alter splicing in prostate cancer cells.

Huge thanks to our collaborators in the Xing and Witte Labs for their tremendous help with this project!
Check it out on bioRvix: The RNA binding proteins hnRNP H and F regulate splicing of a MYC dependent HRAS exon in Prostate Cancer Cells

Nov 04
Black Lab members attend inaugural symposium of UCR Center for RNA Biology and Medicine at UC Riverside.
Oct 21
Black Lab members attend SoCal 2022 RNA Symposium at UC Irvine.
Oct 03
Black, Plath and Zamudio Labs had a joint picnic & barbeque. We had a lot of fun!
Aug 04
Congratulations to Dr. Hanyoung Lim on a successful thesis defense! We wish you ALL of the best.
Jul 05
Congratulations to Xinyuan for receiving the 2022-23 Warsaw Fellowship from MIMG department!
Jun 21
Congratulations to Daniel for his appointment to the 2022-23 Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) Training Program. Good job, Daniel!
Jun 09
Black Lab members attend the 2022 RNA Society meeting in Boulder. Nice seeing old friends and meeting some new ones.

Congratulations to Nazim for a fantastic talk at the meeting and Xinyuan for winning the poster award!

May 28
Congratulations to Xinyuan for receiving the 2021-22 John W. Phillips Legacy Award from the department of MIMG. This award honors the life, work and principles of our beloved collaborator, Dr. John W. Phillips. Thank you MIMG and the Phillips family!
May 16
Congratulations to Hanyoung for receiving the 2022 Mitsuo Takasugi Award from MIMG department. This award will support Hanyoung to attend the 2022 RNA society meeting in Boulder, Colorado!
May 10
Congratulations to Parham for receiving a F30 fellowship from National Institute of Mental Health to study how Rbfox and its cofactors in the LASR protein complex regulate alternative splicing in neurons. Thank you NIMH!
Apr 29
Congratulations to Parham for passing his oral qualifying exam. Good job, Parham!
Apr 24
Welcome to the new undergraduate student: Mulin Li
Sep 15
Welcome to the new undergraduate students: Lin Zhou, Sofia Litchev, Kelechi Onwuzurike.
Aug 17
Congratulations Andrey for receiving seed funding from the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center to develop new assays for studying the interactions of the U2 snRNP with branchpoints. Thank you JCCC!
Aug 10
The Black and Plath labs have received a research award from the Broad Stem Cell Research Center to study to association of repetitive RNA with chromatin. Thank you BSCRC!
Aug 01
Good bye to Xiao-Jun. Good luck in Shanghai! We hope you will come back to visit often.
Jul 01
Welcome to our new graduate student Daniel Arce!
Jun 20
Nivi Damodaren has received a fellowship from the BSCRC Training Program. Congratulations Nivi and thank you BSCRC!
Jun 01
Congratulations to Kay Yeom and Zhicheng Pan on publishing their intron retention paper as the cover story of the June Issue of Genome Research.

Check out the beautiful cover picture depicting RNA sequencing data rendered in the Korean style of painting: painting.

Congratulations to Kay on her new job at Amgen. Missing you already… Good luck!

Oct 24
Now up on BioRxiv, Kay Yeom and Zicheng Pan’s paper describes a new framework for retained intron analysis and a novel mechanism for developmental gene regulation. Thanks to Beverly Lin and everyone in the Black and Xing labs for helping bring this long project to completion!

Check it out on BioRvix! Tracking pre-mRNA maturation across subcellular compartments identifies developmental gene regulation through intron retention and nuclear anchoring.

Jul 13
Congratulations to Andrey on receiving UCLA COVID-19 funding to develop assays for viral RNA.
Jul 09
Thank you NIGMS for granting an NIH Equipment Supplement. Beverly can now analyze our data from home.
Jun 18
The Black lab receives a grant from the UCLA Prostate Cancer SPORE with our colleague John Phillips.

This will help Xinyuan Chen investigate the role of splicing in the neuroendocrine phenotype of late stage prostate cancer.

Jun 15
The Black Lab partially reopens! Practice proper distancing and masking everyone.
Jun 14
Congratulations to Black Lab undergraduate Jeffrey Huang on his graduation from UCLA! Good luck in the MSTP program at UT Southwestern.
Jun 12
Congratulations to Nivi Damodaren on being awarded a graduate fellowship from the Broad Stem Cell Research Center.
May 26
Black Lab members attend the RNA Society meeting online. Check out the poster from Nazim.
May 18
Welcome to our new graduate student Parham Peyda from the UCLA Medical Scientist Training Program.
May 04
Congratulations to Nazim and Shimu on the arrival of baby Reehan!
Apr 29
Introducing UCLA Riboforum! A new Zoom venue for presenting and discussing RNA research at UCLA. Run by Nivi Damodaren in the Black Lab and Lauren Thurlow in the Johnson Lab.
Apr 02
Congratulations to Amy Pandya-Jones of the Plath lab at UCLA, and her coauthors including Andrey Damianov, Xiao-Jun Wang, and Sika Zheng of the Black Lab, on the acceptance of Amy’s paper:

“A protein assembly mediates Xist localization and gene silencing” Nature in press.

Apr 01
Our MIRA award begins. Thank You NIGMS!
Mar 27
Congratulations to former Black Lab postdoc, Sika Zheng, on being awarded tenure at UC Riverside. Nice job!
Mar 16
The Black Lab shuts down as part of the UCLA response to COVID-19. Thank you everyone for helping and stay safe.
Feb 15
Congratulations to Beverly and Wen as coauthors with John Phillips, Yang Pan and our collaborators in the Witte and Xing labs on the publication of John and Yang’s paper:

“Pathway-guided analysis identifies Myc-dependent alternative pre-mRNA splicing in aggressive prostate cancers” JW Phillips et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2020, 117 (10) 5269-5279; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1915975117.

Jan 15
We say goodbye and good luck to Aaron Hoskins who is returning to Wisconsin. We are looking forward to your next visit.
Dec 10
Welcome to our new lab visitor, Professor Don Rio from UC Berkeley.
Nov 15
The Black Lab receives an excellent score on the review of their NIGMS MIRA application.
Sep 05
Congratulations to Hanyoung on being awarded a Warsaw Family graduate fellowship from the department of MIMG.
Aug 20
Many lab members attend the Eukaryotic mRNA Processing Meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Lab in New York. Andrey spoke on the first night and we had a nice reunion dinner with many former Black lab members.
Aug 16
Congratulations to Xinyuan on being awarded a Whitcome Graduate Fellowship from UCLA!
Jul 30
We send fond farewells to Reem Halabi, research technician and former UCLA undergraduate in the lab. We wish you the best of luck in medical school at UCSD!
Jul 15
Welcome to our new sabbatical visitor Professor Aaron Hoskins from the University of Wisconsin.
Jun 24
Welcome to our new summer undergraduate students: Alini Agnes (SPUR-Labs Program), Shelby Vexler (Amgen Scholars Program), Lau Chit Ying (CSST Program)